Fujifilm is getting all wet behind the ears with the release of the waterproof point-and-shoot FinePix Z33WP camera next month. The 10-megapixel “Life-Proof” camera will be available in three color schemes including black, green or pink.

The Z33WP can withstand depths of 10-feet, but it isn’t shockproof. Some other features include a 3x optical zoom lens, Face Detection Technology, Automatic Red Eye Removal, SR Auto (auto scene recognition) and blog mode, which automatically resizes images to 640×480. You can purchase the Z33WP next month for $200.

The rechargeable Li-ion battery will give you enough juice for up to 200 shots.

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ifrogz luxeThe onslaught of iPhone 3G cases continues with several recently announced offerings from iPod accessories maker iFrogz. These new cases are the Wrapz, Treadz and Luxe. The first two price around $15, while the Luxe is around $20.

All three cases are available now in a variety of colors. iFrogz says the basic design of the Wrapz case offers 100 percent silicone encasement, while the Treadz case offers an “extra-thick” silicone casing and a tire tread design. The Luxe case, meanwhile, provides protection with a hard, plastic shell, finished with a metallic facade and a “soft touch” feel, that slides around the iPhone 3G while still allowing access to all ports and sensors.

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at at boomboxWhile the AT-AT boombox is easily stopped by a headphones cord wrapped around the legs, it will destroy the morale of any rebels within earshot. Hoth bases easily fall to this beast when it’s cranking some Barry Manillow or Yanni.

This thing not only looks like an AT-AT Walker from the Star Wars movies, it actually functions as a boombox, complete with tape deck, speakers, and antennas.

Had the rebels faced gadgets like this, things might have turned out different.

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philips lcdI’ve been following this one for you for awhile now. And why wouldn’t we? Philip’s 52 inch LCD has us drooling. Now we have some price info to drop on ya, along with a June release in the UK.

The 52-inch ultra wide Cinema display will cost you £3535/$5044. It’s slightly expensive in cost per viewing inch, but it does offer a true anamorphic widescreen aspect. Now all we have to do on this side of the pond is wait.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see a $4000 or less price tag by the time it reaches the US.

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d-link cameraD-Link’s D-Life Web-Based Home Surveillance Cameras are making the rounds again. We first told you about them way back in July. Monitor any room in your house from anywhere over the Internet with these D-Life Web-based home surveillance cameras.

The D-Life is actually three products, the DHA-390 Surveillance Camera Starter Kit, an internet camera that connects to home network, the DHA-310 Expansion Kit and the DHA-330 video player, which is an internet camera viewer for monitoring all D-Life cameras connected to the network.

D-Link’s DHA-390 Surveillance Camera Starter Kit, DHA-310 Expansion Kit and DHA-330 video player are priced at $249.99, $209.99 and $199.99.

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